For Children

Participation in Worship

The presence of younger people in the worshipping community is essential and is encouraged at St Michael’s. This is done through providing space in which they are comfortable and feel included, by their participation in the liturgical action, by having some teaching of the gospel, and through activity.

Participation in the liturgy will be important if younger people are to grow up with an understanding of the life, vibrancy and depth that is possible in worship. Children remain in the church at all times and are part of the worshipping service which allows them to learn the rhythm and pattern of worship at a conscious and subconscious level. While they may not always seem to be engaged in worship, being present allows the worship to flow over and embody them. It is imperative that when younger people do engage directly with the liturgy they are able to access it in an easy manner, with language that they understand, and music that they relate to.

A supportive team is available to give supervision and guidance to Children during the service. Following a children’s talk (which may be done by the Priest or a member of the team) a planned activity for children occurs during the sermon until the greeting of peace. As the service finishes the younger people have the opportunity to complete the activity if not already finished, thus giving them something to go away with and a positive experience of the Grace of God.